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Shuliy yogurt production line is composed of professional milk processing equipment for making plain and flavored yogurt, which is specially designed for most yogurt producers with different yogurt production scales. Our commonly sold yogurt production lines are the 500L/1000L/2000L/5000L yogurt processing plants. These yogurt machines have low prices and high efficiency so that they are always applied in beverage stores, dairy processing plants, snack shops, pastures, cake houses, and other fields.

Standard type 200l canned dairy production line
Standard Type 200L Canned Dairy Production Line

Yogurt process flow of the commercial yogurt makers

  • Fresh milk as raw materials:

Fresh milk cold-storage(about 4℃ keeping)——Milk filtering(removing impurities)——Milk preheating(about 45℃)——Milk homogenizing(55-70℃/20-25MPa)——Milk sterilizing(pasteurization or high temperature sterilization)——Sterilized milk cooling(43-45℃)——Adding related bacteria species and additives ——Yogurt fermenting(needs about 6-8 hours)

  • Milk powder as raw materials:

Milk powder mixing and preheating with water——High-speed fine mixing——Milk preheating——Milk homogenizing(55-70℃/20-25MPa)——Milk sterilizing(pasteurization or high-temperature sterilization)——Sterilized milk cooling(43-45℃)——Adding related bacteria species——Yogurt fermenting(needs about 6-8 hours)

Composition diagram
Composition Diagram

The basic requirements for producing yogurt

  • Raw materials: fresh milk or milk powder
IndicatorsDefatted milkWhole milk
Total bacteria<10000
Requirements of yogurt
  • Beneficial bacteria species: Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and so on.
  • Milk sterilization temperature: about 85℃ or with a high-temperature of about 125℃.
  • Yogurt fermenting temperature and time: 43℃ for 6-8 hours.
Milk homogenizer machine in the yogurt production line
Yogurt Production Line

Detailed components of the automatic yogurt production line

The whole set of yogurt processing line is mainly composed of a series of yogurt production tanks which are connected by stainless pipes and adjustable pumps. No matter what the customers’ yogurt production requirements are, we can collocate the most suitable machines and customize the production lines for them. The hot-sale daily yogurt processing yields with Shuliy yogurt maker machines are 500L/D 1000L/D and 2000L/D.

  • Cold-storing of milk

The fresh milk collected from pastures should be refrigerated in a timely manner. The low-temperature refrigerated tank is equipped with a special compressor, which can provide fresh milk with a fresh temperature of about 4℃, which can ensure that the milk does not deteriorate for a long time.

  • Milk filtering for removing impurities

The dedicated double-layer filter or single-layer filter can effectively filter out impurities in milk. The three-dimensional screen device in the filter can quickly remove impurities such as hair or other residues in the milk.

Automatic milk filter machine
Automatic milk filter machine
  • Milk preheating with 45℃

The preheating tank is designed with the jacket-structure where can be injected water for heating the inner milk. The heating method adopts electric heating. Inside of the milk preheating tank, there is a mixer shaft for mixing the milk when preheating, which can make sure that the milk is preheated evenly. After preheating, the milk temperature is about 45℃.

  • Milk homogenizing

The preheated milk will be extracted into the milk homogenizer for further processing. Under the processing conditions of 50-70℃ in temperature and 20-25MPa in pressure, the macromolecular and fat balls will be refined into small particles, which can ensure the good tastes of the final yogurt.

  • Milk sterilizing and cooling

The sterilization tank also has the double-layer structure which can heat the water with high temperature for milk sterilizing. This milk sterilizing link is very important for killing most of the bacteria in the milk and ensure the final yogurt quality. The whole milk sterilizing process will last about 40 minutes. When the milk temperature reaches about 85℃, the milk sterilization will be finished. Then we discharge the hot water and inject the cold water(with room temperature) for cooling.

Milk pasteurizer
Milk Pasteurizer
  • Adding bacterial species and additives

When the milk temperature cooling down(about 43-45℃), we can add the related bacterial species and the additives. The users can add these materials based on their own yogurt processing recipes or their requirements for the flavored yogurt production.

  • Yogurt fermentation

The last step for making yogurt is fermenting the milk for about 6-8 hours. The yogurt fermenting temperature is about 45℃. And during the fermentation process, there will occur the lactic acid bacteria that are good for the human body.

Yogurt fermentation tank
Yogurt fermentation tank
  • Automatic yogurt packaging

After the yogurt fermentation is finished, we can use the automatic filling and packing machine to dispense the yogurt into cups, or bottles. The yogurt filling machine has the multifunctions for filling yogurt into cups or bottles quantitatively and automatic putting bottle caps or sealing. After packaging, these yogurt products can be sold to the market.

Automatic filling machine in the yogurt production line
Automatic filling machine in the yogurt production line
  • Automatic cleaning system for yogurt production line

This cleaning system also named the CIP washing system, which is composed of three stainless-steel tanks. These tanks are separately filled with clean water, acid water, and alkali water, which can clean the whole yogurt production line deeply within only several minutes.

Cip cleaning system
CIP Cleaning System

Main features of the commercial yogurt production line

  1. To ensure food safety and hygiene, the whole line is made of the high-quality SUS 304 stainless steel which can make sure all these yogurt processing machines are durable, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.
  2. The working capacities of the yogurt production line can be customized with our technicians according to the customers’ requirements. Each of the tanks in the line can be different models so that the daily total yield for making yogurt is adjustable.
  3. As the professional yogurt maker manufacturer and supplier, we have the strength for providing our clients with the best machines and related solutions, such as yogurt processing plant designing, investment and cost analysis, yogurt production guiding and so on.

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  6. Please, send me a quotation for 500L, 300L, 200L and 150L per day complete yoghurt plant. I urgently need this quotation

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    • Hello, I have informed professional manager to send machine details and price to you, pls attention message from shuliy

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