Bangladesh customer bought 300L yogurt processing plant

The production of large quantities of yogurt usually requires preheating, homogenization, sterilization, fermentation, and other links for industrial production. Because the yogurt fermentation process lasts for a long time, the small yogurt factory does not produce a large amount of yogurt. Recently, a Bangladeshi customer purchased an automatic yogurt processing line with a daily output of 300L from our factory.

Plain yogurt processing
plain yogurt processing

Why bought the yogurt processing plant to Bangladesh?

This Bangladeshi customer was engaged in the food processing industry for the first time, and he didn’t know much about dairy processing, so he raised many questions about every aspect of yogurt processing.

For example, what is the best raw material to produce yogurt? Is fresh milk or milk stored for a period of time better?

Why does milk need to be homogenized before being sterilized and fermented? what is the benefit?

What kind of bacteria can be added to yogurt fermentation to produce yogurt with a better taste?

Do you know that yogurt needs to be sterilized after fermentation? Which yogurt canning method is more popular with consumers?

Our sales manager spent nearly a month solving all the questions for the customer and finally provided the customer with a yogurt production plan with a daily output of 300L.

300L yogurt processing plant details for the Bangladesh customer

The Bangladeshi customer finally bought a complete 300L yogurt line from our factory. Mainly include milk filter, milk cooling tank, milk homogenizer, milk sterilizer, yogurt fermentation machine, yogurt filling machine, CIP cleaning system, etc.

300l milk cooling tank
Milk cooling tank300L
Total power2.6kw
Cooling capacity6600 kcal/hour
Insulation performance≤1℃/3h
Mixer speed36r/min
Mixing power0.75kw
Material304 stainless steel
300l milk homogenizer
Milk homogenizer300L
Max pressure25mpa
Work pressure20mpa
Material304 stainless steel
Milk preheating+sterilizing+fermenting300L
Tank diameter800mm
Tank height600mm
Material304 stainless steel
Mixer speed36r/min
Mixer power0.55kw
Total power18kw
Yogurt filling machine
Yogurt filling machine300L
Capacity per cup50-300ml
Material304 stainless steel
Disc rate13-16 pcs/min

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