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The yogurt machine designed by Shuliy machinery is the commercial yogurt maker, which is manufactured for yogurt fermentation independently. This yogurt fermenting machine is mainly used to ferment various flavored yogurt, including plain yogurt, fruit yogurt, liquid yogurt and solid yogurt(thick yogurt), which can be widely applied in many drinks shops, retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and various hotels.


The yogurt fermentation machine can provide a constant temperature environment (temperature between 35-45℃). And under this environment, probiotics in milk multiply, and lactose in milk is converted into lactic acid, which eventually ferments into yogurt.

Commercial yogurt maker introduction

The hot-sale yogurt makers are welcomed by our customers in recent years along with the great popularity of consuming yogurt products. With a reasonable and compact structure, this yogurt machine can be applied in many processing places.

Plain yogurt

Solid yogurt

Liquid yogurt  

Flavored yogurt

Solid yogurt made by yogurt maker
Solid Yogurt Made By Yogurt Maker

The electric yogurt processing machine is composed of the machine body, the cabinet door, the heating room, the electric heating tubes, circulating fans, a blast duct, a sub-type fermentation chamber, a compressor, the ultraviolet sterilization lamps, a temperature sensor, an electric controller, layers and trays, and a power plug. It can ferment dozens of glasses or cups of fresh milk mixed with bacteria species into yogurt, which is very suitable for small-scale yogurt shops or general stores.

Working principle of the yogurt machine

This automatic yogurt machine uses a constant temperature fermentation method, so the most basic function of a yogurt maker machine is to heat and maintain a constant temperature. As long as the yogurt machine can be heated and can be kept at a suitable temperature, it can make high-quality yogurt. In addition to temperature, another major factor in making yogurt is time.

Electric yogurt machine with single chamber
Electric Yogurt Machine With Single-Chamber

Model: TZ-SNJ-388

Dimension: 65*70*195cm

Heating power: 1kw

Cooling power: 0.23kw

Fermenting temperature: 0-60℃

Cold keeping temperature: 0-8℃

Model: TZ-SNJ-760

Dimension: 120*70*195cm

Heating power: 2kw

Cooling power: 0.3kw

Fermenting temperature: 0-60℃

Cold keeping temperature: 0-8℃

Commercial yogurt maker with two chamber
Commercial Yogurt Maker With Two-Chamber

High-efficient yogurt making machine for sale

Yogurt fermentation time is not static. The quality of milk, the quality of yogurt fermentation powder, the ambient temperature, the initial temperature of the milk, and the constant temperature of the yogurt machine all affect the yogurt fermentation time. Therefore, even if the yogurt fermentation machine has a timing control function, it needs to be adjusted through specific yogurt fermentation practices. After the yogurt is fermented, the yogurt machine can automatically switch to refrigerated mode to save the yogurt, so as to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and affect the quality of yogurt.

Yogurt product line
Yogurt product line

Main features of yogurt maker machine

  1. All parts including the machine body and the yogurt layers and trays are made of high-quality stainless steel so that this yogurt maker is durable, clean and hygienic.
  2. The whole yogurt fermentation process in this yogurt maker machine will last about 8 hours with a temperature of about 45℃.
  3. To meet customers’ different yogurt production needs, this yogurt machine can be various models. And the common type is the single-chamber type and the double-chamber type.
  4. For a large scale of yogurt processing, the users can match a milk sterilization tank to sterilize bulks of milk before yogurt fermentation, which can ensure the yogurt quality.
  5. For final yogurt filling and packing, we can also provide the automatic yogurt packaging machine which can fill the yogurt into cups or bottles automatically.
Fermented plain yogurt

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