What equipment is used in yoghurt production?

In a yogurt production line, regardless of the size of the production line, yogurt manufacturing equipment is essential. Shuliy Machinery is a professional yogurt machine manufacturer and supplier, commercial yogurt making equipment is available. But you should have a basic understanding of the equipment used in the complete yoghurt production line.

What are the steps in the production of yoghurt?

If want to know the steps of making yogurt, you need to understand the whole process. Generally, speaking, the equipment used in the yoghurt production includes storage tank, filter, heating tank, homogenizer, pasteurizer, yogurt machine, and filling machine, CIP cleaning system. And steps are as below:

  1. Store milk at cold temperatures, filtering impurities;
  2. The heating tank makes milk stay around 45 degrees Celsius;
  3. The homogenizer will squeeze and stir the milk to keep the milk taste;
  4. The pasteurizer adopts a high temperature to kill the bacteria, improving the milk health and safety;
  5. Add bacteria into the milk according to the different tastes, then ferment the milk;
  6. Fill the milk into cups or package it into bags based on your demands.
  7. CIP system in the dairy industry is the last step. Clean all pipes after completing the yogurt making process.
Commercial yogurt making machine
commercial yogurt making machine

How do I start my own yogurt business?

When starting a yogurt business, several things are to be considered, whatever it’s a yogurt factory or frozen yoghurt shop:

Firstly, you should be clear about your start-up and follow-up funding. Because the funding can help you decide to purchase what equipment used in the yoghurt production or invest in a small scale yoghurt production line.

Secondly, your target market. When you identify your target group, you know what ingredients to add for yoghurt production.

Thirdly, suitable location. Selecting a good place can tell you what size of equipment for making yogurt is suitable to buy.

Also, there are others that need to be taken into account. Such as the company registration, pricing, yogurt brands, etc.

Is yogurt business profitable?

Of course, the answer is yes. The yogurt market is still large and has potential. When you invest, choose the suitable equipment used in the yoghurt production line, and it can create unpredictable benefits. So, if purchasing the yogurt processing machine, take advice from professionals. Shuli Machinery is a professional yogurt distributor, our personnel has professional knowledge and good attitude. They will definitely provide you with the best solution to boost your yogurt business.

Dairy farm
dairy farm

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