How to choose a suitable yogurt packing machine?

Whether small or large yogurt production line, a yogurt packing machine is indispensable. Because it carries out the yogurt filling and sealing work, it is very important. After that, there is the eye-catching finished yogurt with a gorgeous appearance. In the process of selling yogurt, it is very important to have a beautiful appearance. Because people are almost always attracted to the beautiful appearance of the product, they are willing to look at it more and buy it, thus increasing the sales volume. Therefore, in a complete yogurt process line, a yogurt packaging machine is essential.

Functions of the yogurt packaging machine in the yogurt processing line

In order to form a complete production line, the basic processes required are storage, filtration, refrigeration, preheating, homogenization, sterilization, fermentation, and filling. And finally, the CIP cleaning machine is applied after the whole process is completed. Thus, the yogurt packing machine is the last step of the whole process, packaging the final sterilized and fermented yogurt for sale.


In addition, the yogurt package needs to have an impressive appearance. Also, after the yogurt is successfully fermented, jams, fruits, etc. can be added to enrich the taste of the yogurt. When you invest in a yogurt production line, you can consider all aspects.

Types of yogurt filling and sealing machine

Shuliy Machinery, as a professional manufacturer and supplier, certainly has all types. As far as the types of yogurt packing machine are concerned, they are divided into yogurt cup packaging machine and yogurt pouch packing machine. The biggest difference is that the packaging form is different. The main thing is to see what kind of yogurt packaging you need. If you want to pack yogurt in cups, you should choose a yogurt cup filling and sealing machine. If yogurt is in the pouch, then use the pouch filling machine. It depends on the method of yogurt packaging you want.

Cup(bottle) filling
Cup(bottle) filling
Bag filling
Bag filling

What factors should be taken into consideration when selecting?

When you are considering buying a yogurt packing machine, you should have something to consider yourself. This is a summary based on experience and I hope you find it helpful.

  1. The type of yogurt packaging. Because yogurt can be in a cup (bottle), or bag. Only when you determine the type of packaging, you can determine exactly which type of packaging machine you need.
  2. The size of the yogurt production line. Because the purchased yogurt packaging machine should match the capacity of the real production line. In this way, it will be able to quickly and efficiently do mass production.

In short, you can tell us your purchasing needs, production size, capacity, packaging form, etc., and our sales managers will provide the optimal solution.

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