How much to invest in a fruit yogurt production line?

Fruit yogurt is an upgraded innovation based on yogurt. Today, it aims to make yogurt a popular product and to increase its consumption by adding various flavors such as fruits. And with the development of the social economy, fruit yogurt is very popular after one attempt after another, so the fruit yogurt production line comes into being. That’s why more and more people are investing in this yogurt processing line to gain profits. The price of investing in a fruit yogurt plant can vary depending on the size of the plant. Therefore, we would like to provide information about the investment required for your reference.

The production process of fruit yogurt

In fact, the fruit yogurt production line and yogurt manufacturing line are much the same, and the production process is extremely similar. The equipment used for yogurt production includes storage tanks, filtering, cooling tanks, preheating tanks, homogenizing tanks, sterilizers, and fermentation tanks. After the fermentation tank, the required fruit can be added, and then the filling line is used for filling. Finally, the equipment is cleaned by CIP cleaning machine.

How to add fruit to yogurt?

To add fruit to yogurt, first, determine which fruit or a mixture of fruits. Then the first few steps of the yogurt making process are completed. Once the yogurt is in the fermenter, it is time to add the fruit. After the fruit is added, you can use the yogurt filling machine to fill the finished yogurt.

Flavored yogurt made by yogurt making machine
Flavored yogurt made by yogurt making machine

Price of fruit yogurt production line

Generally, we will quote according to the actual situation of the customer. Because the needs of different customers are actually different, it is important to fully understand the needs of customers before making a quote. It is not advisable to quote blindly. We will analyze the customer’s production scale, capital budget, required machines, etc., and provide the most suitable solution for the customer.

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