Yogurt product line

Yogurt Production Line | Yogurt Machine

Shuliy yogurt production line is composed of professional milk processing equipment for making plain and flavored yogurt, which is specially designed for most yogurt producers with different yogurt production scales.

Automatic milk filter machine

Yogurt Duplex Filter | Milk Filter

The milk filter(duplex filter) is the industrial filtering device for all kinds of liquid product filtration, and it is especially practical for the filtering of fruit juices, drinks, milk, and other liquid foods.

Yogurt fermentation machhine

Yogurt Fermentation Maker | Commercial Yogurt Machine

The yogurt fermenting machine is mainly used to ferment various flavored yogurt, including plain yogurt, fruit yogurt, liquid yogurt and solid yogurt(thick yogurt), which can be widely applied in many drinks shops, retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and various hotels.