600L yogurt processing plant sold to Vietnam

In September this year, we received a Vietnam customer’s inquiry about a yogurt production line. He has farms and cows. With the enlargement of his business, he wants to start a yogurt plant. So the customer wants to learn more about our yogurt machines.

Yogurt is a milk product in which milk is used as raw material, and beneficial bacteria (leavers) are added to the milk after pasteurization, and then cooled and filled after fermentation. At present, yogurt products on the market are mostly solidified, stirred, and fruity with various auxiliary materials such as fruit juice and jam. Yogurt not only retains all the advantages of milk but also uses its strengths and circumvents its weaknesses in some aspects through the processing process, making it a more suitable nutrient health product for humans.

Components of 600L yogurt processing plant

Commercial yogurt filler machine for sale
commercial yogurt filler machine for sale

Homogenizing mechanical equipment: Homogenization is to pulverize larger fat globule particles into countless fat globule particles close to the size of liquid molecules, and make them uniformly dispersed in the emulsion to obtain a coupling force between the particles and the molecules. This prevents the separation of the mixed liquid.

  • Homogenization purpose:

(1) Slow down the fat separation
(2) Obtain a stable and uniform liquid mixture
(3) Facilitate digestion and absorption
At present, homogenization is mainly carried out with a homogenizer. Commonly used high-pressure homogenizers, colloid mills, jet homogenizers, centrifugal homogenizers, ultrasonic homogenizers, sterilization, cooling machinery, and equipment, etc.

  • Sterilization equipment

The key component of the plate-type sterilization equipment is the plate heat exchanger, and the plate heat exchanger is composed of many stamped and formed metal sheets. In the production of dairy products, fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, beer, and ice cream, high-temperature short time (HTST) and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization (UHT) is widely used, and they can also be used for cooling.

  • Yogurt production line fermentation equipment

The yogurt fermentation tank is cylindrical, and the bottom cover and the top cover are both dish-shaped or cone-shaped. The top of the tank is equipped with manholes, sight glasses, feed pipes, inoculation pipes, pressure gauges, and measuring instrument interface pipes. The bottom of the tank is equipped with a discharge port. The lower part of the tank body is equipped with a sampling port and a thermometer interface. For large-scale fermentation tanks, in order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, manholes are often installed near the bottom of the tank.

The yogurt production line mainly includes various flavors of sterilized fresh milk, pasteurized milk, reduced milk, peanut milk, school milk, and other equipment for homogenization, cooling, fermentation, stirring, and storage. Our company specializes in the design and production of blended yogurt production lines, peanut milk production lines, and milk production lines.

Yogurt processing plant vietnam
yogurt processing plant Vietnam

The reasons why Vietnam customers chose us

  • Professional service

Shuliy Machinery has been selling yogurt machines for over ten years. We could provide professional service for customers.

  • Complete production line

We could customize the yogurt processing plant according to customers’ demands.

  • Reasonable cost

All the yogurt machines’ price is set reasonably.

  • Experienced work

Our sales staff can explain the yogurt production line clearly to customers.

Well-packed yogurt products
well-packed yogurt products

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