Yogurt Production Line

High degree of automation
Easy for operating and cleaning
Suitable for industrial yogurt production
For processing plain yogurt and yogurt with various flavors
200L/D, 300L/D, 500L/D, 1000L/D or a larger output can be customized

Commercial Yogurt Machine

Adjustable yogurt fermentation yield
High return on investment
Space-saving, labor-saving, and low cost
Suitable for individual enterprises and drinks shops

Yogurt Production Supporting

Detailed yogurt processing recipes and crafts guiding
Professional production site designing
A series of milk cold-keeping, preheating, homogenizing, sterilizing, fermenting and batch packaging equipment is available

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Company Profile

Shuliy machinery is established for manufacturing yogurt machines since 2011 with a bulk of technicians and experts. Through years of continuous research and innovation, our yogurt processing technology is quite mature, and we have become a professional company with independent intellectual property rights and core technology in the industry. And establish a set of manufacturing-sales-service system, can timely provide customers with comprehensive, reasonable, high quality, efficient products, and services.

Professional Yogurt Processing Crafts and Equipment

Through years of development, Shuliy yogurt processing machines have formed a complete equipment production system.

The main equipment has covered fresh milk cold-keeping, milk preheating and homogenizing, milk sterilizing, yogurt fermenting and batch packaging, CIP cleaning system, high-temperature sterilization machine, and pasteurization machine and so on.

With the great popularity of our yogurt processing machines in the international market, our machines have been installed and put into yogurt production in many countries.

The recent hot-sale markets are as follows: Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, France, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Colombia, Mongolia, United States, Mozambique, Tanzania, Czech Republic and so on.

Our Products

automatic yogurt filling machine

Automatic Yogurt Filling Machine | Packaging Machine

The Shuliy yogurt filling machine is new-designed bulks of yogurt dispensing equipment, which can package the yogurt into bottles or cups ...
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high-efficient yogurt machine cleaning equipment

CIP Cleaning System | Yogurt Machines Cleaning Equipment

The CIP cleaning system is commonly known as the in-site cleaning system. It is widely used in beverage, dairy, juice, pulp, ...
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automatic milk filter machine

Milk Filter | Duplex Filter

The milk filter(duplex filter) is the industrial filtering device for all kinds of liquid product filtration, and it is especially ...
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yogurt fermentation machhine

Commercial Yogurt Machine | Yogurt Fermentation Maker

The yogurt machine designed by Shuliy machinery is the commercial yogurt maker, which is manufactured for yogurt fermentation independently. This ...
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milk pasteurizer

Milk Pasteurizer | Milk Pasteurization Machine

The milk pasteurizer is mainly used for dairy products sterilization process, which also can be called the milk pasteurization machine ...
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yogurt machines are in stock

Yogurt Production Line | Yogurt Machine

Shuliy yogurt production line is composed of the professional milk processing equipment for making plain and flavored yogurt, which is ...
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Perfect Customer Service that We Can Provide

A series of milk cold-keeping, preheating, homogenizing, sterilizing, fermenting and batch packaging equipment is available.

We can provide customers the yogurt machines with various working capacities, such as 200L/D, 300L/D, 500L/D, 1000L/D or even a larger output.

The Shuliy yogurt processing machines can do both high-temperature sterilization and pasteurization for making plain yogurt or flavored yogurt.

We can provide solutions such as project planning, site design, production line configuration, optimization of equipment performance and cost-saving optimization.