How to make frozen yogurt at home in Singapore?

Yogurt is sour and sweet, a taste that many people like very much. Yogurt is a kind of dairy product that uses fresh milk as raw material. After pasteurization, it adds beneficial bacteria (starter) to the milk. After fermentation, it is cooled and filled. For enjoying delicious yogurt, you can make it at home or use the commercial yogurt maker for making bulks of yogurt products.

How to make yogurt at home in Singapore?

There are lots of dairy products and yogurt products in supermarkets in Singapore nowadays. You can see many different varieties of yogurt from either plain to those with fruit flavor and toppings such as jam, nuts and etc. Yogurt is good for human health, and its simple formula makes it easy to make. Therefore, some people who like to eat yogurt will choose to make yogurt at home.


The homemade yoghourt making steps

  1. Generally, you need to prepare two bags of milk and 1 cup of yogurt, and then mix the milk and yogurt in a ratio of 10: 1. Then, sterilize the plastic container in the yogurt machine with boiling water for 1 minute, then pour the water clean, and then pour the prepared two bags of milk into it.
  2. Then pour in yoghurt and stir well with chopsticks or other tools. Put the covered container into the yogurt machine, and then cover the lid of the yogurt machine. After the power is turned on, the yogurt machine starts to work. The yogurt fermentation process takes about 8 hours. If it is made in the winter, the fermentation time will add another 2 hours.
  3. After making the yogurt, take out the plastic container, and you will find that the yogurt is as thick as tofu brain, then put it in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 hours to eat.
Commercial yogurt maker for sale
Commercial yogurt maker for sale

Tip: It is best to put the prepared yogurt directly in the refrigerator, this will prevent the yogurt from refermenting. One cup of supermarket-purchased yogurt prepared before making yogurt is used as a strain, or you can use Bifidobacterium as a strain. Proportion: 1 gram of Bifidobacterium powder + 1000ML milk. When drinking yogurt, you can add sugar, fruit or other beverages according to your taste.

How to make yogurt with the commercial yogurt maker?

If you are the dairy products producer to make plain yoghurt or fruit-based yogurt, you can choose the commercial yogurt maker machine. This multifunctional frozen yogurt machine is actually the big fermentation equipment, which can ferment the sterilized milk within 6-8 hours with a temperature of 43℃-45℃. Before using this yogurt maker, you can dispense the milk into cups or bottles, and then lay these milk cups on the machine shelf one by one. After yogurt fermentation, you can take out these cup-yogurts for selling or add some fruits or jams.

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