Yogurt Duplex Filter | Milk Filter

The milk filter(duplex filter) is the industrial filtering device for all kinds of liquid product filtration, and it is especially practical for the filtering of fruit juices, drinks, milk, and other liquid foods. This milk filtering machine is commonly used in all kinds of milk processing plants and yogurt production lines for removing animal hair and other impurities.

Brief introduction of the milk filter

Milk filters can be divided into single filters and double filters according to the processing capacity. Among them, the duplex filter is the most commonly used liquid filtration equipment. The milk double filter machine is made of two stainless steel filters connected in parallel. It has many advantages such as novel and reasonable structure, good sealing, strong circulation capacity, simple operation and so on. It has a wide range of applications and is a highly versatile filtering device.

Duplex filter for milk filtration
duplex filter for milk filtration

How does the duplex filter work?

The milk filter machine is composed of two cylinders. It adopts a single-layer stainless steel welded structure. The inner and outer surfaces are polished. The top is equipped with an air release valve for air release during work. The pipe joint of this milk filtration machine is connected by expansion and contraction. After 0.3Mpa water pressure test, the three-way externally threaded plug can be opened and closed flexibly.

Milk filtration equipment structure
Milk filtration equipment structure

The upper cover of this electric milk filtering machine is connected to the filter cartridge with a quick-open structure, which makes it easier to clean and replace the filter screen. The machine’s three adjustable feet allow the milk filter to rest on the floor. The connection pipeline of this high-efficiency filter adopts live joint or clamp connection, and the inlet and outlet valves are opened and closed by three-way ball valves, which are pressure and temperature resistant and flexible and convenient to operate. This duplex filter has a compact structure, convenient operation, and simple maintenance.

Single filter for milk miltration
single filter for milk filtration

Applications of the milk filtering machine

  1. This milk filter machine can be used to filter weakly corrosive materials in petrochemical production, such as water, oil products, hydrocarbon products, caustic soda, concentrated dilute sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, acetic acid, etc.
  2. Used for filtering low-temperature materials in the refrigeration industry, such as liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen, and various refrigerants.
  3. Used to filter light industrial food and pharmaceutical materials with hygienic requirements, such as beer, beverages, dairy products, grain slurry, medical supplies, etc.
Yogurt product line
Yogurt product line

Precautions for installation of the duplex filter

When installing and using this milk filter, care should be taken to protect the control box, sensors, and transmission parts to prevent damage. In addition, follow the directions of the arrows on the filter to properly connect the pipes. When adjusting the electric part, please note that the direction of rotation of the motor must be the same as the direction of the mark.

Consideration should be given to ease of maintenance during installation and bypass pipes should be installed. When installing, try to consider the drain outlet at the bottom to facilitate the discharge of debris. The sewage pipe must be connected to the sewage ditch, and the sewage pipe should not be too long.

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