Milk Pasteurizer | Milk Pasteurization Machine

The milk pasteurizer is mainly used for the dairy products sterilization process, which also can be called the milk pasteurization machine and milk pasteurizer machine. This efficient milk processing equipment can be used separately or in the dairy products processing line, such as the small-scale yogurt production line, fresh milk processing plant, and so on. Under about 85℃ for the pasteurized milk, most of the bacteria will be killed quickly.

Milk pasteurization
Milk pasteurization

What is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization is also called low-temperature sterilization or cold sterilization. It is a sterilization method that uses lower temperatures to kill germs and keep nutrients and taste in foods unchanged. Pasteurization generally uses a lower temperature (generally 60-85℃) and heats the food within a specified time to achieve the purpose of destroying the microbial nutrients. Milk pasteurization is a method that can achieve the purpose of disinfection without compromising food quality.

High-temperature milk sterilization VS milk pasteurization

During the milk, fruit juices, yogurt and other dairy products making processes, we always should take the steps for sterilization in order to keep their quality and perfect flavors. For milk sterilization, we usually use two efficient sterilization methods: high-temperature milk sterilization and pasteurized milk sterilization.

The high-temperature milk sterilization method is usually used for processing bulks of fresh milk, which can sterilize fresh milk in several seconds with a high temperature of over 130℃. And the low-temperature pasteurization method is another type of sterilization for milk. The standard pasteurized milk processing temperature is about 85℃ and the average sterilization time is about 40 minutes for each batch.

Milk sterilization
Milk sterilization

How does the milk pasteurizer work?

The common fresh milk pasteurization machine is usually made with the shape of a tank that has a double layer for water cycling and heating. Besides, this milk pasteurizer has other parts, such as the inner mixer, the motor for mixing, the electric controller, the machine frame, and the level gauge. And its heating methods can be both electric heating and steam heating.

Milk pasteurizer
Milk Pasteurizer

When using this milk pasteurization machine, we should inject the water into the jacket layer and preheat the water before starting the milk sterilization. When the temperature reaches about 82-85℃, we can add the fresh milk into the inner tank for sterilizing, and the whole sterilizing process will last about 40 minutes.

Main features of the electric milk pasteurizer machine

  1. The milk pasteurizer machine can be set the sterilization temperature of milk and the sterilization time after reaching the sterilization temperature.
  2. Each part of this milk sterilizer is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to wear and corrosion and has a long service life.
  3. This machine is equipped with a stirring device, which can be continuously stirred in the sterilization process to ensure that the milk is evenly heated without forming milk skin.
  4. During the yogurt production line, when the milk sterilization is finished, we can release the hot water and inject the cold water for a better sterilization effect. Adopts the rapid changes in heat and cold can cause bacteria to die.

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    • Hello, I have arranged the professional sales manager to send details and quotation to you, pls attention message from shuliy


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