TZ-SNJ-388 yogurt fermentation machine sold to Australia

Shuliy Machinery’s yogurt fermentation machine is special for fermenting all kinds of yogurt, which is very convenient and fast. In addition, we also have yogurt production lines and various related stand-alone equipment, such as pasteurizers, so if you need yogurt processing-related equipment, you can contact us!

Why did this Australian client buy this TZ-SNJ-388 yogurt fermentation machine?

  1. This Australian customer bought it for his own use to ferment yogurt at room temperature.
  2. This model of this machine is small and the machine is cheap enough for customers to make full payment.
Yogurt fermentation machine
yogurt fermentation machine

Points that the Australian client concerned about

Plug: This Australian customer has special requirements for the plug, one should be customized according to the requirements. In the process of communication, this customer is also very strict with us raising this issue.

Transportation requirements: This customer wanted door-to-door transportation, and the customer does not want to clear customs by himself. In addition, the customer also requested that the machine be delivered to his destination as soon as possible.

Parameters of the machine purchased by the client

Electric yogurt machine with single chamberModel: TZ-SNJ-388
Dimension: 65*70*195cm
Heating power: 1kw
Cooling power: 0.23kw
Fermenting temperature: 0-60℃
Cold keeping temperature: 0-8℃
1 set

Notes to the yogurt fermentation machine:

Payment terms: 100% full payment by T/T.

Delivery time: In 5 days after receiving payment.

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