200L small scale yogurt production line was shipped to Saudi

Shuliy yogurt production line has a variety of product specifications. The equipment of the production line is usually matched according to the corresponding output, such as 200L/D, 300L/D, 500L/D, 1000L/D even above. Different yogurt production capacities, their corresponding production equipment, and production technology also have differences.

The components of the commercial frozen yogurt processing plant

The standard yogurt production line consists of a series of yogurt processing units used to produce plain yogurt and yogurt products in a variety of flavors. The general yogurt processing line is a complete production line, each device is connected by pipes, the main production process including filtration, preheating, sterilization, homogenization and fermentation, and other processing processes to turn fresh milk into yogurt. The whole line can be customized based on the customer’s actual requirements.

Standard type 200l canned dairy production line
Standard type 200l canned dairy production line

Why the Saudi customer choose us?

The Saudi customer was in China for the Canton Fair, and he and his business partners wanted to find a good business opportunity to make money. They had been thinking about investing in food processing for a long time, so he and his partners came to China during the Canton Fair to buy quality food machinery. He found our website while searching for information about yogurt processing and contacted us through the WhatsApp number we left on the page.

This is the first time that the customer has invested in machinery and equipment, so he is more cautious. Our sales manager gave them a recommended minimum yield of the yogurt production line, daily output of about 200L. We suggested that customers can start with a small-volume production line, and if the production efficiency is good, they can expand the yogurt production. The client agrees with our proposal. We quickly worked out a quotation for the entire production line and sent it to our customers in a timely manner.

We also invited this customer and his partner to visit our factory for site visits. After reading the quotation from the machine, the customer decided to visit our factory after discussing it with his partner. During the tour of our yogurt production machine factory, they asked in detail about the material of the machine and some after-sales questions. Our engineers showed them the difference between the different materials of the machine, and also explained to them why the machines of the same shape are different in price. The Saudi customers were satisfied with our professional services and machine quality and finally gave us the order for this small scale yogurt processing plant.

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