Why do Indians like to drink yogurt?

Yogurt is rich in probiotics and promotes digestion, so daily consumption of yogurt is of great benefit to the human body. It is reported that many Indians like to drink yogurt. Why is this? This is mainly due to the dietary habits of different countries.

Why do Indians like to drink yogurt?

Indians like to drink yogurt, which is mainly related to their eating habits. There are many lambs, chicken and various seafood in Indian food, and curry is used in almost every dish, which makes Indian food very greasy and difficult to digest. Therefore, after eating these dishes, drinking a cup of yogurt can not only relieve oiliness but also help the stomach and intestines digest food. Therefore, many Indian customers bought our yogurt maker machine to produce yogurt products for selling in their domestic market.

Standard type 200l canned dairy production line
Standard type 200l canned dairy production line

Benefits of drinking yogurt

  1. Yogurt is rich in various lactic acid bacteria, which can help digestion, regulate the human’s gastrointestinal function and improve constipation.
  2. Relieve acne and dry skin: With the improvement of constipation, the harmful bacteria in the intestine are reduced, the harmful substances that produce acne and acne are discharged from the body, and the acne naturally disappears.
  3. Yogurt is also rich in calcium, which can prevent osteoporosis, and calcium has a soothing effect. The plain yoghurts made by Shuliy yogurt making machine is very pure and healthy so that they are more popular among people of all ages.
  4. Yogurt is also rich in vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 has the effect of promoting fat burning & metabolism.
  5. Yogurt can improve immunity. The strong immune system depends to a large extent on a healthy and vibrant intestine. Because 70% of the immune cells in the body are concentrated in the human intestine, drinking more yogurt can regulate gastrointestinal functions and help effectively improve immunity. force.
Well-packed yogurt products
Well-packed yogurt products

Who is not suitable for drinking yogurt?

  1. The person who is allergic to milk: Some infants have anemia due to milk allergies, which is caused by insignificant intestinal bleeding after milk intake, which often comes to the attention of parents after several months of bleeding. Some babies are allergic to certain protein components in milk, eggs, and other foods, and have vomiting, irritability, difficulty breathing or skin allergic reactions (often eczema), and even shock. Therefore, people allergic to milk are often not suitable for drinking yogurt.
  2. Patients with frequent diarrhea or other intestinal diseases: People who have good digestion and absorption of dairy products will lose most of their lactase enzymes after intestinal tract damage, which will cause lactose intolerance. At this time, drinking yogurt will increase diarrhea. In addition, patients who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery, patients with frequent diarrhea, or other intestinal disorders are not suitable to drink yogurt.
  3. People with diabetics: Sucrose is added as a fermentation promoter during the production of yogurt, and it is sometimes flavored with various syrups, so people with diabetes should pay special attention: Only those sugar-free yogurts made with sugar substitutes can be used, and they must follow the instructions of a nutritionist recommended amount.

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