Tanzanian customer ordered the 500L/D yogurt processing line

How is the yogurt machine price? Can ordinary users invest in yogurt processing equipment? Yes, of course. Actually, the price of yogurt maker machines is very reasonable. As a professional manufacturer of yogurt machines, we can provide you with a large number of customer cases for your reference. Recently, a customer from Tanzania purchased another 500L yogurt production line from us for enlarging his yogurt processing plant.

Shuliy commercial yogurt processing line for sale

This old customer from Tanzania purchased a set of machines for producing plain yogurt from our yogurt machine factory in early 2018 with an output of 200L every 8 hours. At the time, the client was investing in the food processing business for the first time. For insurance reasons, he finally decided to order a small-scale yogurt production line. The customer produces yogurt mainly from fresh milk and milk powder.

cup-yogurt made by the filling machine
Cup-yogurt made by the filling machine

At that time, the Tanzanian client had a strong investment intention, but he did not know much about the yogurt processing industry. He contacted us in December 2017 via the contact details on our website. He consulted us in detail about the production process, quotation, equipment requirements of the yogurt production line, transportation and installation of the machine, cleaning and maintenance of the yogurt machine, etc. Our sales managers and engineers were very patient in analyzing and responding to this customer. After fully understanding the entire yogurt production process, the customer finally ordered a 200L yogurt production line in early 2018.

Why did the Tanzanian client order the yogurt machine again?

After the customer’s yogurt production plant was put into operation, his yogurt production has been smooth. He reported that our yogurt making machine is very effective, and the colors and flavors of the yogurt products are very good. As a result, his factory’s yogurt products were welcomed by the local market, and some supermarkets and retail stores expressed their willingness to cooperate with his factory for a long time.

yogurt machines are prepared for shipping
Yogurt machines are prepared for shipping

In order to meet market demand, the customer decided to expand the scale of yogurt production. Therefore, he actively contacted our factory and asked us to recommend a yogurt production line with a larger output to him. After considering the actual needs of customers, we recommended a 500L yogurt processing line to him. In addition, because the customer ordered more milk from the ranch, we also recommended to him a 1000L fresh milk storage tank and a milk homogenizer that enhances the taste of yogurt. After the first cooperation, the customer trusted our company so much that we quickly reached cooperation this time.

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