How to deal with the challenges in the yogurt processing line?

Since 2011, Shuli Machinery has been researching yogurt machines and other fermented dairy production lines. Shuliy has been helping customers produce high-quality yogurt and overcome the unique processing challenges associated with the yogurt processing line.

Guarantee the quality of yogurt with professional knowledge

Yogurt is a very active and challenging category in dairy engineering. Strict food hygiene requirements and the variability of yogurt viscosity determine that it must rely on professional processing knowledge to obtain high-quality packaging products through equipment.

Then there is the diversity of yogurt itself. Yogurt not only has a wide range of flavors and categories, but also the time of consumption, the way of eating, and the nutritional information conveyed are also different.

In Europe and North America, yogurt is mainly eaten as a breakfast or snack. In Asian markets like China, yogurt is mainly consumed on the road or as a snack (usually a beverage). In some countries, such as India and Pakistan, it is mainly used as a cooking ingredient or food condiment.

Yogurt is constantly evolving. In the past, consumers usually could only choose plain or strawberry-flavored yogurt. Nowadays, as new formulas and new flavor products enter the market, refrigerators in supermarkets are filled with countless types of food.
Shuli Machinery specializes in the production of yogurt machinery worldwide. We have seen three main challenges that manufacturers must face when planning production lines and configuring production.

Challenges in yogurt processing line
challenges in the yogurt processing line

Consistency is king of yogurt processing line

The first challenge is production consistency. All producers want their products to have consistent quality. It is essential that all yogurt be processed in the same way on one production line to ensure that the final products of the same batch and different batches have the same characteristics.

Many types of yogurt require gentle handling. The process of pumping, cooling, and stirring the fermented product can destroy its structure. You need to treat all yogurt the same and use the same piping layout for all product batches.

Insufficient process control is another potential cause of product inconsistency. The solution is effective automation and precise temperature and pressure control throughout the entire process.

If the raw materials and processing parameters and the physical layout of the yogurt processing line are consistent, then we will get a consistent end product.

Inconsistent processing parameters can lead to separation of the final product, changes in viscosity and flavor, and granulation.

Small scale ypgurt production line
Small scale yogurt production line

Make flexible friends

The second challenge is the flexibility of the factory. Modern yogurt production needs to be able to produce products with many different flavors and formulas. From standard yogurt with different fat content to organic and lactose-free varieties, from plain products to products containing fruits and grains and even flavors.

You need to be able to switch between different product formulations, all conversions will result in some product loss. Knowledge of products and production processes is essential to minimize losses.

We need to analyze the different types of yogurt that manufacturers want to produce and imagine what kind of yogurt they might produce in the future. Ideally, we want to design a yogurt processing line that can do everything that customers want today and even more.

Some manufacturers choose to divide their production into two production lines-one with a higher output and the other with a lower output-but it all depends on the products you produce.

It seems cheaper to invest in a single production line, but in general, it may not be cheap because of the loss when the product is switched.

Efficiency and cost awareness in yogurt processing line

Another challenge in yogurt processing is cost-effectiveness. In this case, the focus is on cost-effective production. There are many ways to ensure an efficient configuration of the yogurt production line.

One is to avoid over-specification of the production line. The purpose is to obtain the process and equipment design needed to handle the various productions needed to meet the needs of future development.

Understanding the individual characteristics of each formula is essential to design the correct production line. We specialize in designing yogurt processing lines suitable for customers’ purposes.

The customized production line also allows manufacturers to make full use of their raw materials. Optimizing process design can improve viscosity retention so that manufacturers can use fewer ingredients or use other ingredients.

For customers, one of the ways to achieve this goal is with the support of Shuli Machinery’s technical staff, where they can refine and verify their formulations.

Understanding the individual characteristics of each formula is crucial to designing the correct production line. We specifically design a production line that suits the customer’s purpose.


Optimal energy consumption of yogurt processing line

Ultimately, this is to provide a cost-effective solution and help customers spend their money wisely. When you can achieve the desired product quality with tailor-made equipment, why install standard yogurt equipment that uses the largest pumps, storage tanks, and agitators?

Then there are operating costs. Yogurt production is energy-intensive because it involves a lot of heating and cooling.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable equipment supplier, the supplier should know how to optimize energy consumption and how to build an energy recovery system to reuse the heat used, such as factory cleaning.

There is no magic device that can do this. What you need is knowledge about process design and heat recovery systems and how to transfer energy between different equipment in the factory. If you have the expertise, you can save a lot of money in this area.

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