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The CIP cleaning system is commonly known as the in-site cleaning system. It is widely used in beverage, dairy, juice, pulp, jam, wine, and other mechanized food and beverage production enterprises. Cleaning-in-place refers to the cleaning and disinfection of tanks, pipes, and other equipment by flushing water and detergent solutions without the need to disassemble the equipment.

Brief introduction of the CIP cleaning system

The clean-in-place system heats the cleaning liquid or water stored in the tank through a heat exchanger. When the requirements of the cleaning process are reached (corresponding temperature and concentration), the acid water, alkaline water and hot water in the tank will be sequentially washed by the pump through the cleaning pipeline under high pressure to produce the tank, pipeline and other equipment to achieve safety and hygiene of production environment.

Commercial cip system
Commercial CIP system(In split)

Why use this cleaning device in the yogurt production line?

The commercial yogurt processing plant or the fresh milk sterilizing line is always composed of many tanks and pipes so that it’s cleaning is not so easy. There will be some milk or yogurt remains in the transporting tubes and the processing tanks after each batch production of yogurt. If we adopt the manual cleaning method, it will take much time to disassemble these tanks and tubes for washing. And the labor cleaning effect will be not so good as the CIP cleaning system. If these yogurt machines are not cleaned thoroughly, the milk and the yogurt may be polluted and their tastes and quality will be affected.

Commercial cip system(connective)
Commercial CIP system(connective)

Main structure of the yogurt machines cleaning system

The CIP cleaning system usually consists of a cleaning liquid storage tank, an acid-base adding device, a heater, a process pump and a return pump, and a pipeline, a steam valve group and the like. There are usually three cleaning fluid storage tanks: acid tank, lye tank, hot water tank (or clear water tank). According to different cleaning objects, the structure of the cleaning system can be divided into a single circuit, dual circuit, and multi-circuit. The main cleaning order of this CIP system is: clean water——alkali liquid——clean water——acid liquid——clean water.

The key to the cleaning process of the yogurt machine cleaning device is the type, concentration, temperature and flow rate of the cleaning liquid. The lye is usually NaOH, and the acid is usually nitric acid or phosphoric acid. The metering and addition of concentrated acid and alkali in the automatic cleaning system and the temperature of the cleaning liquid are automatically controlled, and the cleaning program is automatically executed after being manually set.

Cip cleaning system
CIP cleaning system

Advantages of CIP cleaning system

  1. The main function of the cleaning system is to automatically clean the machines surfaces in contact with all products. The cleaning objects include the inner wall of the tank, the inner wall of the pipeline, the inner wall of the liquid tank and other liquid channels.
  2. All the tanks and pipes of the clean-in-place system are made of high-quality stainless steel so that it is very durable, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. And this cleaning system has wide applications for applying in the milk pasteurization plant and yogurt production line.
  3. The CIP cleaning system can ensure better cleaning results and improve product safety. At the same time, it can save operating time and improve efficiency; save labor costs and ensure safe operation; save energy such as water and steam, and reduce the amount of detergent. The application of this equipment can realize the enlargement and automation of yogurt and milk processing.

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