A whole set of commercial frozen yogurt machines were exported to Kenya

The commercial frozen yogurt machine can be the single fermentation machine for making yogurt in the beverage shops or bakeries, or it can be composed of a whole set of yogurt processing machines in the large dairy processing plants or in the farms. For users who want to produce yogurt, what kind of yogurt processing equipment should be selected depends on their own production needs and investment budget, and we will also provide our customers with the most economical and reasonable production line solutions to minimize the cost of yogurt production and improve economic efficiency.

What does a complete yogurt production line include?

Many of our customers have purchased complete yogurt processing lines for large-scale yogurt production. Because most customers who invest in the yogurt processing business have their own farms and cows, or their factories are close to the pasture so that they can get a lot of fresh milk.

Yogurt product line
Yogurt product line

The main process of yogurt processing is 1. Get fresh milk from the pasture. 2. Use refrigeration equipment (usually larger tanks) to store fresh milk. 3. Filter the fresh milk to remove impurities and animal hair. 4. Pre-heat and homogenize the filtered milk to ensure a better taste of the dairy products. 5. Use high-temperature sterilization methods or pasteurization methods to sterilize milk. 6. After sterilization, the milk can enter the fermentation machine for yogurt fermentation, and the fermentation time is about 6-8 hours. 7. After the fermentation is completed, customers can use automatic filling machines to pack and sell yogurt products.

Why did the Kenya customer choose Shuliy frozen yogurt machine?

The Kenyan customer has a medium-sized ranch, can provide a lot of milk to town every year around the ranch. With the popularity of yogurt products around the world, the customer considered that he wanted to process part of the fresh milk on his farm into plain yogurt for selling on the market, which would increase the added value of his ranch products and create greater economic benefits.

Small scale yogurt production line
Small scale yogurt production line

The Kenyan customer also contacted several other Chinese yogurt machine manufacturers before contacting our factory. We sent this customer a detailed video of the daily production of a 500L yogurt production line, a quotation for the entire production line, pictures of each machine, parameters, and quotations. We even designed a detailed production line plan according to the customer’s production site. The customer was very satisfied with it. He said that the engineers in our factory were very professional.

Although compared with other manufacturers, our yogurt processing line is not the lowest price, but it is the most reasonable, because our machines are all made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the quality and production effect of the machine is guaranteed. We are committed to providing customers with the best cost-effective products. In the end, the Kenyan customer chose to cooperate with us. He not only bought a full yogurt production line, but also a 1000L milk storage tank and a fully automatic yogurt filling machine.

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