How much does it cost to invest in a mini yoghurt production line?

The price of the mini yogurt production line is mainly determined by its output and the model of the machine. Therefore, we should provide customers with the most suitable quotation and technical information for the small yogurt production line according to specific customer needs.

Who would buy the mini yoghurt production lines?

Most of the customers who purchase our yogurt processing machinery are engaged in dairy farming. They have their own dairy farming plants and implement the integration of dairy farming and dairy production.

small scale yogurt production line
small scale yogurt production line

Our factory has a full set of milk processing equipment, such as pasteurized milk sterilization equipment, milk preservation equipment, milk homogenizer, yogurt fermentation equipment, etc. No matter what the customer needs, we can provide corresponding technical support.

Production process of small yogurt processing line

Yogurt is divided into stirred yogurt and solidified yogurt. Yogurt is processed from fresh milk. Normally, milk is squeezed and refrigerated quickly, and then processed into yoghurt in a ranch or milk bar. Processing yogurt generally requires the use of a homogenizer.

After the milk is homogenized, it can be effectively crushed and dispersed to make the mixing more uniform, the fermentation of bacteria is more complete, the whey precipitation rate is low, and the fermentation effect is better.


Yogurt processing process: preheating (preheating to 55 degrees for homogenization is good)-homogenization-sterilization (85 degrees)-fermentation (45 degrees fermentation)-cooling-filling.

The mini yoghurt production line price

As for the price of small yogurt processing lines, we can only provide corresponding quotations according to specific customer needs. Because different customers have different yoghurt processing requirements, blind quotation is very unreasonable. Under normal circumstances, we have to provide customers with the best solution based on their production materials, yogurt processing output, yogurt packaging form, investment budget, etc.

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  1. I am planning to start a mini yogurt production line which will process 4000 liter raw milk per day.The package after production is plastic cups. The plant should have cip for self cleaning. Please give me a FOB price for the whole production line.

  2. I need the full quotation of a mini yoghurt making machine.
    For production of about 100litres of yoghurt daily.
    Watsapp 0701615219


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