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In the dairy production process, the Milk Homogenizer can pressurize the milk and distribute the macromolecular substances of the milk more delicately by pressure. After homogenization of milk or other dairy products, their properties will be more uniform, the taste will be purer, and there will be no fat floating. Homogenizers are often used in a variety of dairy processing lines, such as yogurt production lines and fresh milk production lines.

Why use the homogenizer machine when processing milk?

The high-pressure homogenizer is the key equipment to determine the quality and taste of dairy products. The milk homogenizer machine in the food processing field mainly refines the material liquid under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact, and pressure loss expansion, so that the materials can be more uniformly mixed with each other. For example, the use of the homogenizing machine in the processing of dairy products production can make the fat in the milk break finer, thus making the whole product system more stable. The homogenized milk will look whiter. Milk homogenizer is an important equipment in the food, dairy, and beverage processing industries.

Milk homogenizer
Milk homogenizer

How does the milk homogenizer machine work?

There are many different types and models of homogenizers depending on the material to be processed. Suitable for homogenization of milk is usually a high-pressure homogenizer machine. This electric milk homogenizing equipment is actually a three-plunger reciprocating pump, which is mainly composed of the main drive shaft, a transmission belt, a body, a seal, a plunger, a suction valve, a homogenizing valve, a valve stem, a pressure gauge, a discharge valve and the like. The crushing of milk by pressure is more delicate, and it mainly has the following effects.

  • Cavitation effect

When the milk accelerates in the gap of the milk homogenizer, the static pressure drops. It can fall below the saturated vapor pressure of the fat, which will cause cavitation, and at the same time, it will generate a large explosive force, crush the fat ball in the milk, and break it to complete the homogenization.

  • Shearing effect

When the milk passes through the gap of the homogenizing valve, the speed is very fast. This speed produces a large shear force on the fat globule in the dairy, deforming, elongating, and pulverizing the fat globule in the milk. Homogeneous effect.

Milk homogenizing machine in the yogurt production line

The commercial dairy homogenization machine usually needs to preheat the milk before it is homogenized. When the milk is preheated to about 55℃, this time is the best time for the fat globule membrane elasticity. After preheating, it can be homogenized by the automatic milk homogenizer.

The quality of the homogenization depends on the temperature, pressure, and ratio of fat to casein. In general, about 0.2g of casein per gram of fat, which has a great impact on the homogenization effect and the quality of the dairy. In the yogurt production line, there is one milk preheating machine set before the homogenizing machine for preheating the milk for a good homogenization effect. After homogenizing, the milk will go to the next link for sterilization.

Milk homogenizer machine in the yogurt production line
Milk Homogenizer Machine in the Yogurt Production Line

Main features of the Shuliy milk homogenizer

  1. The dairy homogenizer plays a big role in the dairy production process. The homogenized dairy product is whiter in color and solves the problem of fat floating. After homogenization, the absorption rate of the dairy product is better, the mouthfeel becomes refreshing and light, and the sensitivity of fat oxidation is increased.
  2. This milk processing machine has wide applications, except for dairy homogenizing, which can also be used for tissue dispersion in the biotechnology field, sample preparation in the pharmaceutical industry, and enzymatic treatment in the food industry. It can even be used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint and petrochemical industries.
  3. All parts of this machine are made of high-quality stainless steel so that it is very durable and corrosion-resistant. Besides, the cleaning and maintenance of this homogenizing machine are very easy. With high working efficiency, this machine can be widely used in many dairy processing fields.

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