How to choose good yogurt products?

Yogurt, also known as plain yogurt or flavored yogurt, is fermented from pure milk, and basically retains all the nutrients of fresh milk throughout the fermentation process. In fact, yogurt is more nutritious than pure milk, because, in the fermentation process, it can also produce a variety of B vitamins necessary for the human body, such as VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12, and so on. However, how to choose good yogurt products in the market as well as to choose good yogurt-making machine are very important.

Why do more and more people choose to drink yogurt?

As we all know, the calcium content in fresh milk is particularly rich. While the calcium content does not change after fermentation, it can also effectively improve the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the human body. Compared to drinking milk, drinking yogurt will be more conducive to the absorption of calcium in the body.


Generally speaking, drinking a cup of 150 grams of yogurt can basically meet the needs of children under the age of 10 a day, 1/3 of the amount of calcium, 1/5 of the amount of calcium for adults. In addition, during the fermentation process of milk, the inoculated bacteria can break down lactose into galactose. Therefore, for people who have lactose intolerance in milk, it is not easy to have bloating or diarrhea when drinking yogurt.

Precautions for selecting good yogurt products

When you walk into the yogurt counter in the refrigerated area of the supermarket, is there a sense of helplessness that is dazzling, and difficult to choose? In the face of different brands with similar packaging, different flavors but similar differences in yogurt products, how do you choose? And how to choose a good yogurt machine manufacturer and yogurt maker machines when you want to start your yogurt processing plant?

Delicious yogurt products
Delicious yogurt products
  • Look carefully at the yogurt product name: Please look at the full product name carefully and don’t let go of any small print. If you see the words yogurt, yogurt, and yogurt on the package, it turns out that it was made from milk. However, if you see the word beverage on the packaging, you are advised not to choose it. The main raw material of such products must be water.
  • Observe the origin of the yogurt: There is no need to buy only big brands. In fact, where your city is, you can just choose local brands of dairy products. Milk sources from local milk are relatively fresh.
  • Compare the flavors of yogurt products: Through observation, it can be found that many businesses in the market produce various flavors of yogurt in order to meet the preferences of different groups of people. For example, fruit flavors, cereal flavors, cheese flavors, and even bitter and spicy yogurts are countless. This kind of yogurt is called flavored yogurt. In terms of milk sources, the original yogurt is actually better.

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