What are the common packaging forms of Greek yogurt?

Yogurt has been sold in all major supermarkets and its market competition is extremely fierce. There are more and more varieties of yogurt products, and the organizational structure and composition of each type are different. Therefore, for different yogurt products, different packaging methods need to be selected to maintain their taste. Well. What are the common forms of yogurt packaging and which kind of yogurt filling packaging machine can be selected?

Assortment of yogurt for packaging

At present, there are mainly two types of yogurt that people often drink: one is low-temperature yogurt transported by cold chain, and the other is room temperature yogurt. In terms of nutritional value, low-temperature yogurt has higher nutritional value than normal-temperature yogurt. According to the market situation and characteristics of yogurt, yogurt packaging must be oxygen-blocking and light-blocking to prevent oxidative degradation of yogurt protein or milk fat.

Automatic filling plate of the yogurt machine
Automatic filling plate of the yogurt machine

History of yogurt packaging in China

The past decade has been a decade of rapid development of the Chinese dairy market. From homogenized milk to fresh yogurt, China’s fresh milk market has gradually entered a relatively concentrated state after brand integration. In various supermarkets, Mengniu and Yili’s yogurt dominates.

From a global perspective, yogurt is also considered to be a relatively small milk variety in commercialization. For our country, yogurt was just used as the embellishment product of various local dairy companies more than ten years ago. The yogurt of the 1980s was sold in milk bottles, and the yogurt in Beijing’s porcelain jars almost became the spokesperson of the yogurt of that era.

At present, the common packaging forms of yogurt on the market are mainly glass and ceramic jar packaging, plastic packaging, Ecolean packaging, composite packaging, and metal packaging. Nowadays, yogurt filling packaging machine can provide different packaging forms to meet the needs of different groups of people, and achieve the personalized design.

Common yogurt filling and packaging forms

Various packed yogurt in the market
Various packed yogurt in the market

1.Yogurt packed in the glass bottle and ceramic jar

Although this type of packaging is highly reusable, it is currently fragile due to its fragility during transportation, inconvenient recycling, and strict sterilization.

2.Yogurt in plastic packaging

Common plastic packaging for yogurt is plastic bag packaging, plastic cup packaging, and plastic bottle packaging. The plastic bag packaging material for yogurt is generally LDPE, LLDPE, EVOH, MLLDPE, and other resin materials.

Yogurt packaging plastic cups are generally PS material, and the sealing material is aluminum foil composite material. The design is more flexible, and it is easy to carry in small portions, which better meets the needs of families and children.

Plastic-bottled yogurt is generally made of HDPE and PET materials. Because of its excellent mechanical properties, impact resistance, and non-fragility, it is widely used in yogurt products with low capacities, such as recyclability and low cost.

3.Yogurt in composite packaging

Composite packaging includes roof box packaging, aseptic brick, Tetra Pak crown packaging. All three packages have good oxygen blocking, light protection, corrosion resistance, and low-temperature resistance. It can prevent the deterioration of yogurt.

Among them, Tetra Pak crown packaging can add fruit particles and has the advantages of plastic packaging and carton packaging, and the material is a cardboard lid made of polyethylene, the lid is more convenient to open and close, the bottle body has a less environmental impact and has renewable characteristics.

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