Why buy the small scale yogurt production line?

A small scale yogurt production line can help you invest less but make more profit, which is very friendly for initial investors. Here’s a look at the market for the yogurt processing line, the components and the reasons to buy them together.

Current situation of the small scale yogurt production line

Yogurt is a popular health food with a large global market size. The demand for small yogurt production lines is growing with the increased demand for healthy diets and the quest for small batches and customized products. Especially in Asia and Latin America regions.

Components that make up a small scale yogurt production line

Composition diagram
Composition diagram

The component equipment of the small yogurt line: cooling tank, filter, preheating tank, homogenizer, sterilization tank, fermentation tank, packaging machine, and CIP cleaning system. This is a complete set of machines that can be added or subtracted according to customer needs.

Why buy a small scale yogurt production line?

Small yogurt production lines have small production requirements and relatively low costs. In addition, the small space requirement allows for flexible configuration and customization. If you’re interested, please contact me for more details!

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