How to set up a yogurt factory in the UK?

In a market environment like the UK with strict standards for food quality and food safety, to set up a yogurt factory in the UK is a task full of challenges and opportunities.

In this step-by-step guide, we will explain how to set up and operate a yogurt manufacturing business in the UK that complies with local regulations and meets the market’s needs in conjunction with a Shuliy small-scale yogurt maker.

Pre-planning and market research

The first step in setting up a yogurt plant in the UK is to carry out detailed market research. This includes analyzing UK consumer preferences for yogurt products, the competitive landscape and potential market gaps, as well as understanding the relevant food regulations and industry standards.

Shuliy yogurt processing line is well received worldwide for its high performance, high quality and adaptability to a wide range of flavor variations, and can be used as an important reference for equipment selection.

Site selection and facility construction

Site selection is crucial for a new yogurt plant, taking into account the supply of raw materials (e.g., fresh milk sources), logistics and transport convenience, as well as environmental policies and other factors.

Factory to put small scale yogurt maker machine
factory to put small scale yogurt maker machine

Facilities should be built with food safety and hygiene standards, introducing our yoghut making machine to ensure the automation and intelligence of the production process, and strict control of temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions to ensure the quality of yogurt.

Introduction of equipment and installation and commissioning

In terms of equipment selection to set up a yogurt factory in the UK, Shuliy yogurt production line equipment can realize the integrated process from raw material treatment, fermentation to filling and packaging. The production line not only has high capacity, but also has strong flexibility to meet the production needs of different product lines.

Quality shuliy yogurt processing line for sale
quality Shuliy yogurt processing line for sale

During the installation and commissioning stage, it is necessary to work closely with the equipment supplier to ensure that all the equipment meets the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations in the UK and passes the acceptance inspection successfully.

Quality control and production licence

You operate in strict accordance with the UK food safety management system, formulate a perfect quality control system and apply for the corresponding production licence.

The digital management system of our yogourt processing line helps to track the production data and achieve precise control of product quality.

Personnel training and operation start-up

To set up a yogurt factory in the UK, this is the last step. Build a professional production and management team and provide them with strict job skills training, including the operating procedures of the Shuliy yogurt production line and food safety knowledge.

Once everything is ready, the production operation can be launched to gradually open up the UK yogurt market and provide consumers with high-quality and healthy yogurt products.

Proper yogurt
proper yogurt

Through the above steps, combined with the advanced technology and rich experience of Shuliy’s yogurt making plant, the methodical establishment of a modern and efficient yogurt factory in the UK will hopefully gain a foothold in the highly competitive UK food market.

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