How do I start making yogurt for a business?

Do you know how to start making yogurt? The following will give some suggestions.

Pre-market research and planning

  • Market demand insight: Before launching a yoghurt making business, the first task is to conduct an in-depth study of the target market. Understand consumer preferences and needs for yogurt, including taste, flavor, health claims, etc., to ensure that the product positioning is accurate and meets market demand.
  • Business plan development: Based on the results of the market research, develop a detailed business plan, specify the scale of production, expected inputs, mode of operation, marketing strategy, etc., to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent use of yogurt maker machine scale production.

Purchase of suitable yogurt equipment

  • Select a professional yogurt machine line: It is crucial to choose a professional commercial yogurt processing machine with good performance, convenient operation, cleanliness and hygiene and stable constant temperature fermentation. Ensure that it can meet the mass production of yogurt at the same time, but also ensure the consistency of yogurt quality.
  • Matched equipment: In addition to the machine for making yogurt, you also need to consider purchasing raw material storage equipment, packaging machinery and quality testing equipment and other supporting tools to build a complete yogurt production line.

Raw material procurement and process optimization

  • Selection of high-quality milk sources: The key to yogurt quality lies in the milk source, selecting fresh, non-polluting, nutritious milk as the base material, which is the first step in the production of high-quality yogurt.
  • Process exploration and optimization: Through continuous testing and improvement, we master the key process parameters such as the optimal fermentation temperature, time and ratio suitable for our yoghurt machines, and strive to create yoghurt products with unique taste and rich nutrition.

Quality control and brand building

  • Strict quality control: Establish a perfect quality management system, and conduct strict quality tests on each batch of making yogurt to ensure food safety and meet the preset product standards.
  • Branding and promotion: Design an attractive brand image and packaging, combine online and offline channels for brand promotion, tell the brand story, and spread the unique value of yogurt, to win the favor and trust of consumers.
Tasty yogurt in daily life
tasty yogurt in daily life


If you want to start a making yogurt business journey, I hope the above will help you. You can also contact us for more help and advice.

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