Small scale yogurt making machine in Kenya

In Kenya, yogurt is favored by consumers as a popular health food. However, it has been a challenge for small-scale producers to achieve efficient production with limited resources. Now, the introduction of Shuliy yogurt processing plant has brought them a new solution.

Benefits of small-scale yogurt maker machine

In Kenya, small-scale yogurt production lines offer several benefits:

  • Increase productivity: The Shuliy yogurt production line’s compact design and simple operation can help small-scale producers increase productivity, shorten production cycles and reduce labor costs.
  • Flexibility: This small scale yogurt making machine in Kenya can be used in a variety of scenarios, including homes, small farms and small businesses. Whether you are a small-scale individual producer or a start-up entrepreneur, you can choose the right production line according to your needs.
  • Guarantee product quality: Shuliy yogurt maker machine adopts advanced production technology, which can ensure the consistency of yogurt quality and taste, satisfy consumers’ quality requirements and enhance competitiveness.
Yogurt making machine line
yogurt making machine line

How to buy Shuliy small scale yogurt making machine in Kenya?

Buying process of Shuliy yogurt production line is very simple:

  1. Consultation and customization: Contact our sales team and tell us your needs and budget. We will customize the production line according to your requirements.
  2. Order confirmation: After confirming the customized solution, you will receive a formal order confirmation, including price, delivery date and other details.
  3. Payment and production: When we receive your deposit, we’ll start production. After completion, send machine pictures and videos for confirmation, and then you pay the balance.
  4. Delivery and installation: After confirming the shipping date, we will arrange the logistics for delivery. Once the production line is delivered, our technical team will come to install and debug it to ensure that the production line works properly.
  5. After-sales service: After purchasing Shuliy yogurt processing line, we will provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure the long-term stable operation of your production line.


The Shuliy yogurt production line equipment provides a convenient and effective solution for small-scale yogurt producers in Kenya to realize efficient production, safeguard product quality, and succeed in a competitive market. If you are a small-scale yogurt producer, consider investing in a Shuliy yogurt machine line to make your production more convenient and efficient.

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