Fall in love with yogurt benefits

Yogurt is made from milk fermented with lactic acid bacteria and has a sweet and sour taste. And from pure milk to yogurt, it is required to go through a series of processes. The yogurt making production line from our Shuliy Machinery has this function, to turn pure milk into delicious yogurt through some processes. And yogurt benefits are involved in many aspects.

Yogurt is fermented from pure milk, which not only retains all the nutrients of fresh milk but is also better for digestion and absorption. Studies have shown that yogurt can lower blood pressure, prevent osteoporosis, protect against radiation, eliminate fatigue, regulate the intestinal tract, and improve immunity.

What are yogurt benefits?

Drinking yogurt can bring benefits to the human digestive system, cardiovascular system, immune system, and beauty care. The benefits of eating yogurt are as below:

The benefits for the digestive system

The enzymes contained in yogurt can promote the digestive function of the body. The lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can reduce the reproduction of spoilage bacteria in the intestinal tract. So, it can reduce the formation of toxins in the intestinal tract, and has a cleansing effect on the intestinal tract. Yogurt can also promote gastrointestinal motility, which has a preventive and therapeutic effect on constipation. These are the yogurt health benefits.


The advantages of the cardiovascular system

Yogurt can lower cholesterol levels and avoid hyperlipidemia, thus reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Benefits for the body’s immune system

The protein and lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can form substances that can enhance the immunity of the body. Therefore, yogurt can enhance the function of the body’s immune defense system.

Beauty and care benefits

Yogurt can also detoxify and moisturize the skin, so it has certain moisturizing and beautifying effects, especially the benefits of yogurt for females

Yogurt also has the functions of teeth fixation, hair growth, and eye care.

Yogurt benefits for skin & care
yogurt benefits for skin & care

What should you pay attention to?

There are many yogurt benefits. However, the following four prohibitions should be noted when consuming it.

Drinking too much yogurt is not always good

Yogurt has a sweet and sour taste, thus, many people like to drink it, while some even drink several bottles a day. Experts warn that it’s not better for you to drink more yogurt. You should control the amount you consume.

Generally speaking, the dosage should be based on the appropriate population as indicated on the package.

Thicker is not better

Many yogurts are thick because of the addition of thickeners such as hydroxypropyl di-starch phosphate, pectin, and gelatin. Although the right amount of thickeners can make the yogurt smooth and palatable, it is not beneficial to the body, and too much consumption can be harmful to health.

Proper yogurt
proper yogurt

Not suitable for consumption on an empty stomach

Stomach acid has a sterilizing effect. So when you eat yogurt on an empty stomach, stomach acid will kill a lot of probiotics in yogurt. When you consume yogurt after meals, the effect of stomach acid on food is much greater than the effect on probiotics. Thus, don’t drink yogurt on an empty stomach.

Only refrigerate but not heat

Freshly produced yogurt contains active probiotics, which can only be well preserved by refrigeration. If the yogurt is heated, it will destroy its nutrients. Also, it is best not to drink hot drinks before and after drinking yogurt.

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