Why use the milk pasteurizer in a small-scale yogurt production line?

For processing various milk, yogurt, and other dairy products, the most important step is to do sterilization of fresh milk. And the commonly used sterilizing methods are pasteurization and high-temperature sterilization. However, why should we choose the milk pasteurizer in the small-scale yogurt production line?

How does the milk pasteurizing machine work?

Fresh milk pasteurization equipment is suitable for processing all kinds of fresh milk, such as goat milk, horse milk, and so on. The efficient pasteurization machine is made of the 304 stainless steel plate, which is food-grade special, with fine workmanship, seamless welding, simple operation, and durability. The tank of the milk sterilizer uses food-grade stainless steel.

Milk pasteurizer
Milk pasteurizer

This milk sterilizer has a stirring shaft that can perform high-speed uniform stirring. The milk pasteurizer uses electric heating, and its temperature can be automatically controlled and adjusted, and the operation is simple and convenient. The milk tank of this machine is a three-layer tank with a jacket structure, which has polyurethane as a thermal insulation material, and the outermost layer is a thermal insulation layer and the middle is a hot water sterilization layer.

Main functions for using the milk pasteurizer in the yogurt processing line

Pasteurization is to heat the mixed raw materials(milk) to 68-70℃, and then quickly cool to 4-5℃ after maintaining this temperature for 30 minutes. Because the lethal point of general bacteria is at a temperature of 68℃ and a time below 30 minutes, the mixed raw materials can be killed by this method to kill pathogenic bacteria and most non-pathogenic bacteria. The mixture of raw materials suddenly cools after heating, and rapid heating and cold changes can also promote the death of bacteria.

Various packed yogurt in the market
Various packed yogurt in the market

In the yogurt production line, especially the small-scale yogurt processing plant of some dairy shops, this milk pasteurizer is very necessary. The users can use this machine to sterilize bulks of fresh milk for selling directly, or they can use the sterilized milk to make plain yogurt with the commercial yogurt maker machine(yogurt fermentation machine). The milk or yogurt which are sterilized by the milk pasteurizer will have better tastes and brighter color and can be sold at good prices.

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