Why is there so much demand for yogurt imports in Nigeria?

The commercial yogurt processing lines are now very popular in the market, especially our Shuliy brand of a series of yogurt processing equipment, which has received a lot of orders from customers in African countries, such as Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and so on. Especially in Nigeria, we have exported more than 100 yogurt maker machines and complete yogurt production lines to support the business of the local entrepreneurs.

The detailed analysis of the yogurt imports in Nigeria

Currently, the value of the Nigerian yogurt industry is estimated at $ 1.5 billion, of which more than 90% is used to import, package and distribute dairy products. Nigeria’s Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment Aisha Abubakar said the yogurt processing industry has huge market potential.

But 85% of Nigeria’s approximately 19.5 million cattle are small-scale self-employed, and 15% are managed by medium and large-scale pastures. Local yogurt and other dairy products are difficult to guarantee, high feed prices for cattle, inadequate road construction, and inefficient marketing services have made Nigeria’s yogurt production face a series of challenges.

Small scale yogurt production line
Small scale yogurt production line

What should they do for Nigeria yogurt making?

The Nigerian government plans to introduce relevant measures to improve the development status of dairy products (including commercial yogurt), including encouraging factories to process high-quality feed to increase milk production of dairy cows, introducing technology to improve feeding systems, and encouraging the production of value-added products based on milk, such as Pasteurized milk, UHT milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, etc.

In addition, with the increasingly close world exchanges, many machinery and equipment with a certain scientific and technological content have been introduced into Nigeria, which has greatly promoted the development of all aspects of Nigerian society. For example, fully automatic yogurt processing equipment, commercial yogurt fermentation machines, complete yogurt production lines, and other dairy equipment.

It is reported that the development of Nigeria’s yogurt industry will definitely promote the prosperity of its packaging industry. Nigeria, which lacks cold chain equipment and a complete packaging industry chain, will inevitably have strong demand for packaging products and yogurt packaging machinery in the future. As a professional dairy machinery manufacturer, we will rely on high-quality products and considerate services and establish close ties with this beautiful country

Full set of the yogurt production line
Full Set Of The Yogurt Production Line

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