A 500L yogurt processing line installed and put into production in Tanzania

In recent years, the yogurt processing business has become very popular in many African countries. In particular, many ranches and farms have begun to invest in yogurt production lines to produce and sell high-quality yogurt, thereby increasing the added value of dairy products and obtaining high returns. Recently, one of our Tanzanian customers reported to us that the yogurt processing equipment he purchased from our factory has been officially put into production, and the yogurt production effect is very good.

Composition of 500L yogurt processing line

The process of making yogurt using the yogurt processing line is not as cumbersome as imagined. On the contrary, the production process is very intelligent and easy to operate.

The basic yogurt processing with the whole set of yogurt machines:

Small scale yogurt production line
small scale yogurt production line

Fresh milk cold-storage(about 4℃ keeping) → Milk filtering(removing impurities) → Milk preheating(about 45℃) → Milk homogenizing(55-70℃/20-25MPa) → Milk sterilizing(pasteurization) → Sterilized milk cooling(43-45℃) → Related bacteria species and additives adding → Yogurt fermenting(needs about 6-8 hours) → Yogurt filling(cups or bottles)

What did the Tanzania customer bought from us?

At that time, the Tanzanian customer and his friends came to China to purchase machines. They plan to purchase an entire container of equipment. His friend mainly purchased a batch of agricultural equipment, and he was very interested in yogurt processing equipment.

Plain yogurt
Plain yogurt

Due to their urgent schedule in China, the customer did not place an order immediately after visiting our yogurt maker factory. After the client returned to his country, our manager had conducted many full communications with the client. The Tanzanian client’s investment budget is not high, so he cannot purchase a complete yogurt processing line.

We recommended a suitable yogurt processing line to this customer according to his needs, including a 1000L refrigeration tank, homogenizer, preheating tank, sterilization tank, fermentation tank, and filling machine. In order to save costs, the customer finally decided not to use homogenizers and filling machines.

We quickly worked out a corresponding quotation. The Tanzanian customer quickly paid half of the deposit. We informed him that the delivery time is two weeks and the shipping time is about 40 days.

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