packing and shipping of the yogurt processing machines

A 500L yogurt processing line installed and put into production in Tanzania

In recent years, the yogurt processing business has become very popular in many African countries. In particular, many ranches and farms have begun to invest in yogurt production lines to produce and sell high-quality yogurt, thereby increasing the added value of dairy products and obtaining high returns. Recently, one of our Tanzanian customers reported to us that the yogurt processing equipment he purchased from our factory has been officially put into production, and the yogurt production effect is very good.

plain yogurt made by yogurt processing line

How much does it cost to invest in a mini yoghurt production line?

The price of the mini yogurt production line is mainly determined by its output and the model of the machine. Therefore, we should provide customers with the most suitable quotation and technical information for the small yogurt production line according to specific customer needs.

plain yogurt processing with the probiotic

What is the relationship between probiotics and yogurt?

The yogurt preparation process is the same as antibiotic production, but also the fermentation process. Regardless of whether you make your own yogurt at home or use a yogurt production line to process yogurt, producers must understand how to use probiotics and the specifics of yogurt production.

Malaysia yogurt production market

Analysis of Yogurt Market in Malaysia for 2020

Malaysia’s major dairy companies have also seized this opportunity to launch yogurt products with various flavors, packaging and functions. In just over 30 years, Malaysia’s yogurt industry has made rapid progress. How is the Malaysia’s yogurt market in 2020?