How to choose a good location for your yogurt shop?

At present, yogurt is very popular with many people, and a lot of people have chosen to invest in the business of opening a yogurt shop, and more and more people have been successful. When opening a yogurt shop, the first thing to face is the problem of choosing the location of the yogurt shop.

To this, some investors are always very confused, feel difficult to solve. In the exchange of experience with more than 200 buyers of our yogurt processing equipment, we summarized several good site selection methods, and share them with you.

Main factors for choosing the yogurt store location

Full set of the yogurt production line
Full Set Of The Yogurt Production Line

1. Do market analysis ahead of time

Where to set up shop, you should first look at the surrounding environment. To find out whether the surrounding environment is in line with the yogurt dessert consumption market atmosphere. The consumption of yogurt dessert is similar to that of milk tea and ice cream. At present, many large and medium-sized cities are relatively concentrated to form a variety of areas, such as business district, tourism district, university district, etc.

2. Guidelines for site selection of yogurt shops

The concept of location: one is the distance from the city center; The second refers to the distance from residential areas or major traffic lines; 3 it is to point to the specific position that is located in a certain section, wait like center, crossroads. Yogurt shop location, in general, to pay attention to pedestrian flow. Higher levels of consumer traffic increase sales. The second problem is the store rent, which has a direct impact on the sales price and investment recovery period.


3. Pay attention to public transport facilities and road conditions

Road condition refers to the width of the road surface, the degree of traffic congestion, and the presence or absence of traffic control. This problem can be easily solved if you purchase a full set of yogurt production line processing equipment directly to produce yogurt. Other factors such as the structure of the store, the visibility of the store, the size of the store, and its building structure and shape should also be taken into account.

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